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Eric BETTENS is a new age musician and multi-award winning composer and orchestrator. His style is a subtle blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, at times enhanced by sounds captured in nature. His work has won the admiration of both the public and peers.  Eric’s musical career really began in 2001 when Luc BAIWIR convinced him to present NYDHIS - a composition in three parts - at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes France. The jury awarded him the François de Roubaix prize, the highest award of the festival. Since then, requests for his work poured in. In just a few years, he composed the soundtrack for over 70 (!) films and documentaries, theatre and dance performances. Several compositions were won awards at international festivals (in Antibes, Marseille, Strasbourg , Moscow, Istanbul , Singapore , Manila and even Hollywood). He has been a judge at several films festivals himself and even had a hand in the development of several music software programmes.


Eric also receives numerous requests to perform in mega concerts, combining his music with video, laser shows and pyrotechnics, at times accompanied dancers, other musicians or a symphony. 


Despite his success, Eric decided to take further courses at the Conservatoire Royal of Liege in order to study contemporary compositions and classical writing.


Thus, his music performed by renowned ensembles such as Ensemble21 at the Ars musica Festival, by Musiques Nouvelles, Sturm & Klang, Quatuor Tana, and many others ...


His compositions were selected to participate in a Masterclass with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz (the guys behind the music in Harry Potter, Salt, Godzilla, The Hobbit), in Vienna. 


Besides music dedicated to films and concerts, Eric has also composed more personal songs in 4 of his CDs: DISCOVERY (2006), ENTRE TERRE, ET MER (2009), EMPREINTE (2012), and ANTARCTIC ODYSSEY (2014). His last electronic album is released in May 2020.

Eric Bettens Orchestral Music.jpg


Eric Bettens Composer Orchestral Music.jpg



  • ANA'S MEMORY, Requiem for the Earth

  • L’OGDOADE D’HERMOPOLIS, concerto for 2 clarinets, percussions et orchestra

  • LA PROPHETIE DE CTHULHU, orchestral suite in 5 mouvements

  • WTC 091101



  • LES ENFANTS DE LA-BAS, for  symphonic orchestra

  • INCANTATIONS, concerto for trumpet and chamber orchestra 

  • 221212 ?, for symphonic orchestra, dedicated to all the survivors of the Mayan calendar apocalypse

  • YVAIN, LE CHEVALIER LION, opératorio for choir, orchestra, 3 soloists et récitant 

  • CELEBRATE THE SEA, for full orchestra and choir

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, arrangement for full orchestra


  • TIDES, harp & trombone

  • STORY, sax & strings quartet

  • COVID, clarinet duo

  • EDGE, for  Strings quinte, piano, flute, clarinet, percussion . 

  • PETITE SUITE IGORIENNE, for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon & horn

  • DIALOGUE, duo for trombone and violin

  • HAPPY HOURS, clapping for 3 performers

  • PETITE FANTAISIE, for 7 instruments et 3 players ( piano, bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, pic. flute, C flute, alto flute)

  • PETITE SUITE, for string quartet

  • SONATA for flute and string quartet

  • rED moON,  for violin, viola, clarinet and bassoon

  • RESURGENCE, for piano, accordion and electronic

  • AMUSEMENT for  euphonium and piano

  • AMUSEMENT arrangement for trumpet and piano

  • THE LION’S CAGE for  piano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, cello

  • CHAT BOX, for wind ensemble

  • PAPILLONS, for 8 cellos and electronic

  • TIMELESS, for string quartet, clarinet, piano and percussion  

  • LIQUID STATE,for wind quintet and string quintet

  • MECHANIC OF LOVE, for string quartet 

  • PARENTHESE, for string quartet

  • ENTRE TONS, for 2 pianos, 2 percussions et 2 violas

  • IMAO, for flute (or clarinet) and string quartet

  • A L’AUBE DU 2ème JOUR, for chamber orchestra

  • TRANSITION, for guitar, violin, viola and cello

  • UNE (TRES) BREVE HISTOIRE DU ROCK, arrangement for Bb clarinet and bass clarinet

  • MILKSHAKE, for clarinet, horn and viola

  • PERSIENNES, for voice and cello

  • ISOAR, for mezzo-soprano and piano

  • GALIPETTE GOULEENNE, for 2 clarinets

  • FAGOTAGE, for 4 bassoons

  • COCONUT MACAROON, for clarinet, horn and viola

  • APPLE PIE, for clarinet, horn and viola


  • SPRING, for Wagner Tuba

  • THRACE, for solo flute 

  • MIST, for piano

  • VASARELTO, for solo viola​

  • RITUAL, for  electric guitar and electronic

  • JUST BEFORE SPRING, for Wagner tuba 

  • INSIDE, for clarinet and electronic

  • LES CAPRICES DE VENUS, for solo flute and electronic

  • YS, for viola and electronic

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